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Boy - Age:14

Wat (What) Bible Study means to me. It mean(s) to help me stay out of trouble because befor(e) I was always that kid always in trouble. I was in a gang call(ed) Bloods(,) a gang that's all around the U.S. But when one of my friends came (and) got me and told me (a)bout Bible Study(,) he told me dat (that) I need to go wit(h) him to Bible Study. At first I was like I don't know (a)bout dat (that). Till one day the gang I was in call(ed) me to do a mission for them. I went and they wanted me to rob someone in front (of) their family and I was dumb enough to do it! And the person was in the other gang call(ed) Crips and he pull(ed) out a gun and was shooting at us. We shot back at him and the bullet came close to my head. After that I went to Bible Study for the first time. I like(ed) it so much that I started to go every week. It keep (kept) me out of mess and I got out (of) the gang. SO that's why I like Bible Study (,) well not like (,) Love (means Love instead of like).

Boy - Age:16

To me Bible Study is a brotherhood of average guys getting together to praise the lord and worship the bible (Jesus). Since I've been attending Bible Study I've felt like we've all grown closer to the Bible and closer to God. The Big brother's we have at Bible Study are like family. They care about us and watch over us. I now read the Bible more than I used to. I now know more about the Bible and Jesus. Each day we come to church and learn more an(d) more about the Bible and life, it brings us closer... not just as a group but as a family. For some guys (,) Bible Study is a way to get away from the daily trouble that surrounds us. The ones that like the trouble are starting to turn over a new leaf. As the Lord reaches into their hearts to show them the right path. The men in Bible Study are the "Shepherds" guiding their baby lambs into the green pastures of God. That's What Bible Study Means To Me!

Boy - Age:12

Bible Study improved my life in a good way because it helped me get along with others better and it help(ed) me to get closer to God and others. I learned how to get out of bad situations and the Bible shows things happening back in the day and never keep a grudge on people. Bible Study's always has good food from the chefs then after that we go to gym. Going to Bible Studies helped me get away from all the bad things going around my neighborhood. I have learned about Joseph and how he got put in jail from (by) a lie but he got out because he help the Pharaoh tell his dream. Joseph had eleven brothers - Benjamin was his youngest brother and he loved him. Mark (Bible Study teacher) is just like my brother because he is there when I need him. He alway(s) helps me with fundraisers and thing(s) for my school or sports. He tells me not to do bad thing(s), I might not do it the first time but I will do it the next couple of times. (He means the message doesn't sink in right away but eventually does and doesn't do the bad things). Bible Study is the best thing that happen to me since I moved to the neighborhood. I love Jesus!!

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With CENTER Ministries, you'll be helping children living in such extreme poverty and can enable them to experience the fullness of life God offers. Your donation provide food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care and make it possible for us to reach more and more hurting children. Today, you can help save a child from a life of poverty.