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by C.E.N.T.E.R
Ministry Girls Bible Study

Peace is calm and quiet
In your heart and in your soul.
Knowing the love of your Savior
Fills your life and makes you whole.
Even when there’s trouble,
We will always know--
That peace is in our heart
We’ll never let it go.

We also wrote an acrostic poem:
Presence of God
Always comes to you when you need it

What is the Purpose
of C.E.N.T.E.R. Ministries?

The purpose of C.E.N.T.E.R. Ministries is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to at-risk middle and high school boys and girls in the 77043 and 77079 zip codes (see map) and equip them to meet life’s challenges through educational mentoring and life skills development.

Why C.E.N.T.E.R. Ministries?

The portion of the 77043 zip code we minister to has at best a minimal church presence yet the need is great. Currently, we are a part-time ministry based out of Pines Presbyterian Church, but it is obvious we need a 24/7 ministry based directly in the Community. It is the age old question of if not us, who? Right now, there is no one else.